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Basic scope set for next game

Published on 28 January, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

I know that Smooth Operators hasn’t even come out yet on all platforms it’s intended to. We still have Mac and iOS left, and the windows version isn’t out yet on two more distribution sites we have an agreement with.

But – we have been fiddling around with different ideas lately, and we’re set for what type of game it will be, and what the idea of the game is. We’re probably looking at a year in development, and possibly looking at another technology in building it.
As some of you are aware, Smooth Operators is made in XNA which holds a dead future as a framework. So we’re looking into maybe using Unity for our next game, which also will make porting to different platforms way easier!

Anyway, we will be publishing more info on this in a month or so, so keep an eye out for it! =)

24 Responses

  1. Emily

    How about an Android version?

  2. What is going to happen with the Mac game, as XNA is not compatible with Mac i think and i have to play Smooth Operators in Wine.

  3. Ashton

    When will it be released on iOS? I cannot wait for call center chaos to come on iOS ! It will be possibly the best game ever

  4. Ashton

    Thank you

  5. Ashton